Kellie Wolfe: Animatronic Stomach

Kellie Wolfe (Sculpture 2013): Animatronic Stomach

Recent graduate Kellie Wolfe (Sculpture 2013) describes the project she began working on in Barney Haynes's Interface course as "a steel pedestal that holds an animatronic stomach that moves based on the viewer's interaction with it." The piece measures 48" x 7" x 5" and undulates with the viewer's movements.

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Wolfe took the Interface course twice because she "really enjoyed my time exploring the possibilities of interface. Three out of five of my works that made up my senior show involved using motors, arduinos, and electroluminescent (EL) wire."

Exploring Outside CCA

"Barney suggested that I participate in this opportunity [Maker Faire 2013]," recalls Wolfe, "and continue to show my work outside of school. Participating in this event was a great opportunity to see what other people are doing with this technology."

Wolfe adds, "I am also looking forward to seeing what kind of community exists outside of school to continue my exploration of interface as an artistic medium."

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