Patima Pataramekin: The Craft Carriage

The Craft Carriage by Patima Pataramekin (Industrial Design)

Patima Pataramekin is a second-degree junior in CCA's Industrial Design Program. Her work, coined The Craft Carriage, was exhibited in CCA's booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire (May 18-19).

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About the Student Experience at Maker Faire

"The Maker Faire was a great opportunity to share The Craft Carriage I've been working on," shared Pataramekin. "The Craft Carriage is a way for home brewers to transport the beer they created. Though the beer bottles are held up using simple principles of stress and tension, the mystique is a great conversational piece -- delivering an opportunity for the home brewer to share stories about who they are and what they do.

"As a designer, I can't fathom developing a product and wrapping it in someone else's packaging. This was one of the elements I wanted to address when I created my product. Craft beer, craft carriage . . . it just makes sense."

CCA's Role in Preparing Students

"CCA encourages design thinking," explained Pataramekin. "In the Industrial Design Program, you don't just learn how to create a product; you create your design with the user in mind at all times. You consider the environment in which your product lives in, inasmuch the environmental impact in which your product may have.

"Last but not least, there's the element of craft and the attention to detail that's given to every millimeter of the product you create. I feel blessed to be a part of such a well rounded program that truly has you thinking outside the box at all times."

About CCA's Industrial Design Program

Pataramekin recognizes the value of putting her work out there: "The department encourages us to get out there and share our work with the world. One of those opportunities is presenting your work at Maker Faire. Sharing your work in at a faire that is creativity times 10 is a unique experience.

"However, the best part was being to share my piece amongst the other beautifully crafted pieces by other talented students at CCA. It's the collaborative display of work that really takes your breath away."

Maker Faire Results

Pataramekin not only saw a boost to her Instagram feed (#pppatima) but also she's recently spoken to a company that is helping her launch a sister product -- Le Café Carriage -- a handcrafted reusable coffee holder that uses five-ply bent wood. See images »

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