Alisa Golden and more: Star 82 Review issues 2 and 3

Star 82 Review issues 2 and 3
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013
Paperback, 44 pages, $9.95

In the spirit of summer travel, the second issue of Star 82 Review, an online and print art and literature magazine edited by Printmaking faculty member Alisa Golden, features personal essays, poems, and stories that revolve around planes, trains, and automobiles. Layered and worthy of multiple readings, these pieces deal with parents and children, dreams and daydreams, life-cycle events and life in general. A special feature is a page from Tom Phillips's A Humument app.

Contributors with CCA connection this issue: Zack Rogow, former MFA Program in Writing faculty.

The third issue of Star 82 Review features the person who may feel displaced, unsure, or uneasy. Sometimes the character finds community or a new path, occasionally s/he does not. For a few examples: we find a boy contemplating contrasting fathers and morality during a fishing trip; a young gay man longs for love like that of his favorite superhero; participating in a cancer walk, a woman is conflicted about her role as a survivor; a daughter writes a poem about her special father.

We find lyrical work by Maxine Chernoff, Jaime Robles, and Alastair Johnston, among others, including a mirrored piece in Portuguese and English by Desirée Jung. We see art by Shelton Walsmith, who created covers for books by Italo Calvino, as well as wonderful work by many more talented folks. All are thoughtful, some are playful, a balance of humor and seriousness, humility and confidence.

Contributors with CCA connections in this issue: Luz Marina Ruiz, First Year Program faculty, and Nikki Thompson (MFA Writing 2002).