CCA Again Expands the Dialog at ReMODEL 2: Sculpture Education Now

Cal State Long Beach faculty member Chris Miles led a ReMODEL discussion at CCA

California College of the Arts participated in the second annual all-day ReMODEL 2 Sculpture Symposium on Saturday, October 19, at Claremont Graduate University, as part of the university's art department's Bradshaw Conference series.

CCA hosted the inaugural ReMODEL symposium in 2012, which was organized by Sculpture Program faculty member Terri Friedman and Shirley Tse (California Institute of the Arts).

Other participating CCA Sculpture faculty members included current chair Allison Smith and Linda Fleming.

This year over 20 internationally recognized artists from across California's academic landscape will present papers and dialog about the current state of sculpture pedagogy.

"What is so unique about this traveling template (ReMODEL) is that it is a morphing model," explains Friedman. "We hope to continue to meet in different host sites as time goes on. The upcoming host site is Claremont Graduate University and the host is artist Rachel Lachowicz."

Friedman continues, "I think it's a great model for an academic think tank as a means to brainstorm the state of sculpture curriculum in the 21st century, creating a model that is open and constantly evolving -- unlike the isolated models of the past, where educators create curriculum by themselves or in their own institution.

"The possibilities created from the dialogue generated are endless."

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Expanding the Dialog

ReMODEL 2 looks to explore the responsibility within sculpture for handling critical theory and maintaining an ongoing and inclusively expansive dialog. It is a think tank to reinvigorate sculpture education and to create a more inclusive and vital academic practice.

As sculpture has experienced an incredible transdisciplinary revolution over the past 50 years, ReMODEL 2 explores the intersection of art and disciplines as varied as digital, video, time-based, performance, sound, light, installation, public practice, engineering, computer science, cultural studies, identity politics, literary theory, cultural hegemony, and historiography.

ReMODEL 2 Exhibition

Concurrent with the symposium was an exhibition of presenting artists at the CGU Art Department Galleries. The exhibition ran September 3 to October 25, 2013, at the Peggy Phelps & East Gallery, located at 251 E. 10th Street in Claremont, California.

The exhibition featured works by faculty members at California College of the Arts, Claremont Graduate University, Scripps, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, OTIS, Cal Arts, Art Center, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, Cal State Long Beach, San Francisco Art Institute, and Hunter College will present works.

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