CCA President Stephen Beal's Exhibition at George Lawson Gallery Opens November 16

untitled #32 (from "The Linens"), 2013

George Lawson Gallery in San Francisco presents colored linens featuring recent work by CCA President Stephen Beal November 16–December 21.

An opening reception is planned for November 16 from 4 to 7 p.m.

This is his third solo exhibition with the gallery in addition to a two-person show mounted in 2011 with Stephen Westfall. The current exhibition was conceived as the second of two parts begun in Los Angeles with Beal's white paintings and culminating in the San Francisco venue with his colored linens.

Gallerist George Lawson commented on President Beal's work:

"Beal continues his ongoing exploration of the grid in seemingly inexhaustible permutations, both as a motif and as an organizing structure for applying paint. He extends the vernacular of touch enabled by his medium of choice, a buttery and matte acrylic gouache, by splicing in the inherent qualities of the varied linens he uses as supports.

The third leg of Beal's formal triad is his underlying pencil drawing, also seamlessly grafted into the painted image. It is much to his credit that he is able to continually break new ground with the devices and strictures of an ever-receding historical framework, given how worked over the grid has been in recent art.

Beal succeeds because the grid structure, as prominent as it is in his practice, is largely beside the point of his achievement. One maxim warrants repeating: the image is in the paint. If we want to see painting we must look at the paint. This is equally true whether the paint is wrapped around a grid or a seascape. In Beal's case it is wrapped around a highly attuned sensibility."

About George Lawson Gallery

The George Lawson Gallery was established in 2008 in downtown San Francisco and recently opened a second location in Potrero Hill. The program showcases an international stable of contemporary artists with an emphasis on painting.

The gallery is located at 315 Potrero Avenue in San Francisco. For more information, call 415.703.4400.