l’étoile: Weekend What’s What: l’étoile’s Guide to Getting Lucky! 2/13-2/16

Make your way to SooLOCAL this Saturday for a dual exhibit from partners in crime/art Crystal Quinn and Oakley Tapola. In Somethin’s Rippin, the two present a clever collection of works that are, as they describe, “A snapshot of the comic dysfunctionality of the parts of life that we depend on, work around, or attempt to fix: may we try half-assed or diligently, it is generally to no avail” which is definitely a concept we can understand. While the duo may have a playful, witty streak, their work is far from a joke: both Quinn and Tapola are quite serious when it comes to art. Quinn is part of fascinating art collective Hardland/Heartland and has studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, California College of the Arts and Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais and exhibited nation-wide both collectively and as a solo artist. Tapola snared her BFA from the U of M in 2009 and has shown her work throughout the upper Midwest; she is currently preparing for an upcoming solo exhibit at the Rochester Art Center. Catch these two up n’ comers in the intimate confines of SooLOCAL this Saturday night.

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