Alumni Notes Spring 2014

June Yokell, After the Rain, 24” x 36”, oil on canvas, c 2012.

This collection of alumni notes features recent accomplishments from our alumni.

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Tomie dePaola
: Featured in: "250 Children's Books and Counting: A Conversation with Tomie dePaola", Publishers Weekly, Oct. 2013

Larry Berger: Solo show: Vonal, San Francisco; Gallery M, Half Moon Bay, CA; Award: Finalist, Eco Arts Award, 2014.

Tim Beckwith: Group Show: California Sculpture Slam, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA, Aug.-Sept. 2013.

Julia Couzens: Group show: External Combustion, diRosa Preserve, Napa, CA, July-Sept. 2013.

Alan Scarritt: Solo show: Prism Break, Nyehaus, New York, Sep.-Oct. 2013.

Jane Lackey: Solo show: Enveloping Space: Walk, Trace, Think, Center for Contemporary Art, Spector Ripps Project Space, Santa Fe, NM, Apr.-May 2014.

Joan Perlman: Group show: Seeing Glacial Time: Climate Change in the Arctic, Tufts University, Medford, MA, Jan.-May 2014; Award: Grant for the Creative Arts, The American-Scandinavian Foundation, 2013-14; Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Jan. 2014.

Squeak Carnwath: Solo show: Squeak Carnwath, Peter Mendenhall Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Feb.-Mar. 2014; Squeak Carnwath Tapestries, Bocanova, Oakland, Nov.-Mar. 2014; Featured in: "Weekend Studio Visit: Squeak Carnwath in Oakland, CA", Hyperallergic, Jan. 2014.

Mimi Pond: Published: Over Easy, Drawn and Quarterly, Apr. 2014; Reading: Over Easy, Mama's Royal Cafe, Oakland, Apr. 2014; Career: Residency, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Feb.-Mar. 2013.

Lucia Minervini
: Solo show: Threads of Gold, Voelker-Orth Museum, Queens, NY, Mar.-June 2014.

Mark Bowles: Solo show: Mark Bowles, The Temp Gallery, Sacramento, CA, Oct. 2014; Mark Bowles' Southwest, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Nov.-Dec. 2013; Group show: Western Landscapes, The Island Gallery. Bainbridge Island, WA, Mar.-Apr. 2014.

Jan Watten: Group show: Follow me - Don't chase me!, Float Gallery, Oakland, Dec. 2014; Los Vecinos, Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, Jan.-Feb. 2014.

Charles Browning
: Group show: Breathless, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY, Feb.-Apr. 2014.

Amy Kaufman
: Solo show: Amy Kaufman Recent Work, Traywick Contemporary, Berkeley, CA, Nov. 2013-Jan. 2014.

Taraneh Hemami
: Group show: Four Faiths, Manresa Gallery, San Francisco, Dec.-May 2014.

China Blue
: Group show: Tokyo Experimental Art Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Oct.-Nov. 2013.

Marco Fallani
: Group show: The Odyssey Within, Agora Gallery, New York, Dec.-Jan. 2014.

Nicholas Lampert
: Published: A People's Art History of the United States: 250 Years of Activist Art and Artists Working in Social Justice Movements, The New Press, Nov. 2013.

Michael Walsh: Publication: Western Roads, Grind Show Editions, 2013.

Addie Shevlin
: Solo show: More and Less, Hang Art, San Francisco, Mar. 2014.

John Clifford
: Published: Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design, Peachpit Press, Sept. 2013.

Jason Engelund
: Group show: Shifted/Sight, Hinge Parallel, Culver City, CA, Jan.-Mar. 2014; Award: Individual Artist Grant, Sustainable Arts Foundation, 2012.

Alex Grant
: Solo show: Century of the Self, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, TX, Jan.-Mar. 2014.

Chris Nickel
: Group show: Hi 5, Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery, Stanford, CA, Jan.-Feb. 2014.

Claudia Alvarez: Solo show: Acercate (To Come Near, To Get Close), Mexico City, Apr. 2014; Group show: Enough Violence: Artists Speak Out, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA, Sept. 2013-Mar. 2014; Its Surreal Thing: The Temptation of Objects, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE Oct. 2013 - Jan. 2014; The Figure, Keramik Museum Westerwald, Germany, Apr.-Jan. 2014; Award: Research Grant, Museo Nacional de Antropolgia and Ceramoteca, Mexico City.

John Chiara
: Solo show: JOHN CHIARA• tached, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, Mar.-Apr.2014.; Featured in: "John Chiara: de • tached", Art Practical, Mar. 2014.

Edith Garcia: Group show: Pulso I Arte de las America/Art of the Americas, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI, Oct.-Dec. 2013; Edith Garcia: Four McKnight Artists, New York Mills Cultural Center, New York Mills, MN, Oct.-Dec. 2013; Curated: Richard Slee: Revolution in the Rain, Milton Keynes, UK, Oct.-Nov. 2013; Award: British Ceramics Biennial 2013, Trent, UK, Sept.-Nov. 2013.

Aimee Le Duc: Career: Berkeley Art Center, hired as Executive Director Dec. 2013.

Jonathan Lyons
: Published: Minnows: A Shattered Novel, Journal of Experimemtal Fiction #55, Aug. 2013.

Alika Cooper:
Solo show: Ten Questions...About Painting, Flash Art, July-Aug. 2013; Group show: XOXO, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, Nov.-Dec. 2013; Award: YoYoYo Grant, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Sept. 2013.

David Maisel: Solo show: David Maisel History's Shadow, Yancey Richardson, New York, NY, Apr.-May 2014.

Job Piston: Solo show: Flash: Job Piston, California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA, Nov.-Feb. 2014.

Jamie Vasta: Solo show: Femme, Patricia Seatow Gallery, San Francisco, Nov.-Dec. 2013

Amanda Curreri
: Group show: Landlessness, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Queens, NY, Apr.-May 2014.

Alison Naschke-Messing: Group show: Four Faiths, Manresa Gallery, San Francisco, Dec.-May 2014.

Lindsey White: Group show: Twisted Sister: Reimagining Urban Portraiture, San Francisco City Hall, Oct. 2013-Jan. 2014.

Shawn HibmaCronan
: Group show: Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital, Museum of Art and Design, New York, Oct.-June 2014.

Lain Kay: Featured in: "11 Amazing Young Queer Artists You Should Know", The Advocate, Nov. 2013.

Zachary Scholz: Solo show: Zachary Royer Scholz, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, Aug.-Jan. 2014.

Jon Tracy: Group show: Ideal Pole, Ramiken Crucible Gallery, New York, NY, May-July 2012.

Katy Warner: Career: Artist in Residency, Kala Art Institute, Nov.-Dec. 2013.

Daniel Gonzales
: Career: Walt Disney's Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios, 2013.

Zak Timan: Group show: Glasstress, part of the 55th Venice Biennale Palazzo Cavallo Franchetti, Nov. 2013.

Katherine Dorame
: Solo show: Sifting Screens, Galería de la Raza, San Francisco, Nov.-Dec. 2013.

Mikael Gaspay: Group show: Proximities 2: Knowing Me, Knowing You, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Oct.-Dec. 2013.

Nicole Santucci: Group show: Dymax Redux, The Cooper Union, New York, NY, Oct.-Nov. 2013.

Cara Levine
: Group show: Four Faiths, Manresa Gallery, San Francisco, Dec.-May 2014.

Pamela Pascual: Residency: Autodesk Artist in Resident, San Francisco, 2013.

Arash Faeiz
: Group show: This is the Sound of Someone Losing the Plot, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, Sept.-Oct. 2013; Miami Project, Arash Fayez, Dec. 2013.

Jim Norrena
: Show: Reframing Rockwell, Sheherezade 14, San Francisco, May-June 2014.