2013 Annual Fashion Show Designers

Fashion design collections are built each year by emerging new fashion designers. The student collections blossom, as do the designers with each day (and night) spent in the studios.

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The Annual Fashion Show allows guests to witnesses our designers' thesis collections. This runway show is a true celebration of creative energy, new thinking, and some old-fashioned elbow grease!

It is wonderful to see the sparkle of pride shining in a designer’s eye as their fashion idea transforms fabric into sculpture on a model’s form.

It has been a joy to help shepherd these enthusiastic students through their time at CCA.

Please join the entire Fashion Design faculty in cheering them on to their future careers in this exciting industry.

Congratulations to the Fashion Design class of 2013!

Amy Williams, Program Chair

Fashion Designers: Class of 2013

Ann Anglim


Melancholia speaks of loneliness and suffering. It demonstrates how clothing wrapped around the body may appear stifling. The beauty in the layers, the density in colors, and the textures remind us that hiding is a form of survival. When the darkness approaches, we find our way to the light.

Lei Dong


Dune is inspired by the way sand dunes embody strong contrasts of light, shadow, softness, and hardness. By striking a balance between the two dominant images of sand dunes -- the calm and static and the shifting and dynamic -- I attempt to reveal a sinuous line that refuses a simple and predictable linearity.

Cher Du

Less Is More

The curve is the line liberated and energized. Curves animate nature by issuing a ceaseless, palpable momentum into the world. Power flows through all curves, renewing our harmony with nature.

Marisol Duran

Lagrimas Eternas

Lagrimas Eternas is based on the powerful Mexican folk tale "La Llorona." It reprises the tale’s most stark and painful moments and culminates in the concepts of sensuality, murderous sin, and remorse. Restricted structures play against light and transparent drapes to reveal La Llorona’s ghostly battle between light and dark.

Elysia Ellis


Achieving wondrous feats has always required extraordinary character. Fueled by the grace of shooting stars and the power of supernovas, my otherworldly muse contracts the universe into a flash of light, electrifying the senses as it expands the mind. Nova delivers this concentrated cosmic force to our here and now.

Polly Lai

Doll in a Bubble

A precious doll lives in a bubble. She is protected by a clear shell that allows the outside world to admire her delicate beauty from afar. The diaphanous silhouette is both mysterious and revealing. The clarity of the bubble highlights texture and details, all beneath a pale wash of color.

Jennifer Mirich

Eternal Elysians

Eternal Elysians is inspired by the mythological Greek vision of a beautiful meadow in eternal summer, the land of ethereal transitions of the beloved ones of Zeus. It's an angelic realm where the rocks and sea are echoed in the drape of the cloth on golden bodies dancing in the field of unearthly delights.

Irina Murphy


Humans are fragile. My garments shelter precarious beings from the outside world. The heavy fabrics I employ fortify this shelter. The garments are built to be voluminous. The simple diamond pattern produced by the technique of smocking controls and directs the fullness of the fabric, sending it into another aesthetic dimension.

Hyouna “Hannah” Nam

The Line

The Line is inspired by constellations, specifically the constellation of the lion -- not the lion’s true figure, but the geometric lines that connect eight stars to reveal it.

Carlsbad Oster


Amalgamat pushes traditional techniques using modern methods, meditating on color to bring balance to the process. The extreme cannot exist without the serene.

Tisina T. Parker

The 4th Dimension

The 4th Dimension expresses basic lines of geometry, abstracted. Inspired by ideas in computational architecture, The 4th Dimension blends modern technical approaches of laser cutting, 3D printing, and material bonding with traditional textile techniques of hand quilting and pleating to achieve an unconventional evolution of beauty.

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