BUST Magazine: Here Are Your New Favorite Undies. Meet The Great Folks Behind 'Em!

I fell in love with indigo while I was a student at California College of the Arts. Indigo is a really magical natural dye because it requires a constant relationship of care-taking. The vat must be checked on daily in order to maintain it's delicate anaerobic balance- but what is amazing is that it can be kept "alive" indefinitely. For me, Indigo became a studio companion that kept me enchanted and curious about everything that it could offer. Right now I am obsessed with batik (a hot-wax resist method). Unlike a reproducible screenprint, all of the surface designs that are available in our shop right now are hand painted batik resists, which makes each item unique. Serpent & Bow was an idea that was hatched between my brother, Roy, and I (S&B also stands for Sister & Brother). We envisioned the snake and the ribbon as personal symbols for each of us, and also as these forms that were full of flexibility and motion. 

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