Film Screening Spotlight: Leah Dubuc

ZORA - teaser

Senior Filmmaker Spotlight: Leah Dubuc

Screening at Double Exposure (CCA Film final screening)
Thursday, May 8, 7 p.m.
Timken Lecture Hall

Leah Dubuc’s work spans many genres and forms, but there’s always a distinctive sensibility at play, whether she is insulting you via a monitor installed in a pile of trash in the installation Talking Trash or embodying the character of a distraught 20-something who is dealing with a recent breakup -- by filling “her empty heart with as much food and beer as she possibly can” -- in her latest short, Zora.

As much as the body, and surfaces in general, play a role in Leah’s work, there is always something underneath that unsettles or delights.

“Zora is a story I made to explore many of my own misgivings about growing up and finding my independence as an adult," explains Leah. "It's so easy to rely on relationships, or drinking, et cetera, to try and make yourself happy rather than trying to focus on your future or responsibilities.

"Another big reason I made this film is because I was sick of watching movies where unlikely people fall in love. Why can't we watch more movies where unlikely people go on bad dates and it doesn't work out because they're straight up just wrong for each other, which is more like many of my experiences dating?

"It was important for me with this film that I created a real and honest female character, that was in no way idealized, but at the same time has her own merits for her honesty about how she is.

"Partly I wanted to show that girls can be gross too, and that I could create a film with a feminine aesthetic that also features peeing and drinking a beer in the shower."

Check out the trailer for Zora, and the entire film at the Double Exposure screening.