Juxtapoz Magazine: Derek Weisberg "Saving I Face" @ Lyons Wier Gallery, NY

Saving | Face is the first commercial gallery solo exhibition from California transplant Derek Weisberg. Weisberg has been making sculpture in ceramics for over 20 years, and earned a BFA in ceramics, at California College of Arts and Crafts, in 2005. Weisberg spent the early part of his career cutting his teeth on the Left Coast. Now living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Weisberg molds sculptures that are in the vein of psychological portraiture, but are creatively warped and askew. The sculptures have an underlying human appearance, but the fabrications that Weisberg puts them through results in a breaking down of systems, and a reshaping and rearranging of form--it is a process that resembles the experience of human existence. Weisberg's work references to a universal journey that we all embark on as human beings; A journey that continually defines us, and reshapes us; a journey that runs parallel to that of society, thus making us all a catalyst for collective change.

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