Ji Hong Ahn in "The Girl in the Moon"

Senior Filmmaker Spotlight: Ji Hong Ahn

Screening at Double Exposure (CCA Film final screening)
Thursday, May 8, 7 p.m.
Timken Lecture Hall

Ji Hong Ahn's latest film, The Girl in the Moon, was conceived as he looked toward his last semester at CCA. “I began to wonder what it would be like if someone could be completely detached from his/her responsibilities and burdens.

"Are we ever truly free from them no matter what we do? It was just a passing thought, but it became a perpetual one as I started to feel the pressure of graduating and looking for a full-time job.”

A so-called third-culture kid, Ji Hong was born in South Korea, but raised in the Philippines before coming to the United States. His work at CCA reflects both this experience in its preoccupation with characters who exist outside of expected social norms, the beauty of everyday life, and the relationship of that beauty to loss and estrangement.

Prior to his latest piece, he directed a pair of beautiful, melancholic, and deeply philosophical films whose subjects and narratives occurred primarily off-screen: The Girl in the Moon signals a return to his work with on-screen characters, but in a far from conventional manner. 

Don't miss this unique blend of manga and poetic film aesthetics at the Double Exposure screening.