Elizabeth Leger: A Walk Among the Bogus

A Walk Among the Bogus
Lavender Ink, 2014
Paperback, 150 pages, $16

First Year faculty member Elizabeth Leger made the artwork, titled Sneaky Pete, for the cover of a new poetry anthology by the Bay Area poet Owen Hill. Leger says: “It affords a glimpse at the people who walk through this book of poems. Some are from old Hollywood, some are has-beens and would-bes, others are charming denizens of the street.”

About the book: “Owen Hill’s short satirical poems make their point with sly insouciance. Gleaned from many years of chapbooks, pamphlets, and appearances in underground literary magazines they nudge, prod, delight, and sometimes stop just short of insult. Hill is also a crime fiction writer and there’s a more than subtle whiff of the mean streets in his verse.”