Meet Carolyn Packer: Townsquared Intern

Carolyn Packer, visual designer at Townsquared

"This summer I have been working as a visual designer at Townsquared, a new tech startup based in the Mission district of San Francisco," shared Carolyn Packer, a Graduate Program in Design student.

Townsquared delivers a private online network structured around neighborhoods, allowing small businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

Packer is quick to point out some of the perks of working at Townsquared: "Everything in the office is sourced from local merchants, artisans, printers, shop owners, etc. All of us got to play in part in making the office a beautiful and inspiring creative space."

Networking In and Out of the Office

"I work with Chief Design Officer Miwa Ikemiya (MFA Design 2012) and brand lead Tan-ya Gerrodette (MFA Design 2012) on developing visual collateral for print and web as well as user interface design for the second version of Townsquared’s online platform." Packer also meets regularly with both cofounders for critiques.

"One of the most rewarding things about my position is getting to have touch points with persons on every team in the company. Not only am I practicing and growing as a visual designer, but also I'm learning all of the ins and outs of how to grow a startup."

Packer is quick to point out Townsquared is unique in that they are incredibly committed to the values that drive everything they do -- both outward facing and internally. "Coming from CCA," she adds, "makes it an incredibly attractive company to come work for."

Packer points out she enlisted help from CCA student Matt Pearson (MFA Design) on developing collateral for Townsquared community events, illustrating just how valuable building relationships inside and outside CCA can be.

Experiential Learning

"Our studio culture is much like the studio culture in the MFA Design program, with a huge appreciation for collaboration and design thinking," Packer observes.

"Not only do I get to be a part of the exciting San Francisco tech-startup culture, but I also get to make, create, collaborate, and practice the things I learned every day during my studies at CCA.

"I get to contribute to the development of a social network that is passionate about improving the lives of its members, and learn what it means to build a community in the way that Townsquared is so committed to doing."

"I am constantly inspired by how dedicated our cofounders are to the values that serve as the backbone of their company: trust, generosity, and empowerment."

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