Meet Jack Koloskus: Moving Brands Intern

Jack Koloskus gave a studio demonstration that was featured in the SF Design Week open tours

"This summer I worked at Moving Brands at their San Francisco office," explains Jack Koloskus (Graphic Design 2015).

Moving Brands is an independent, global creative company. It partners with established and emerging businesses to design and transform their brands and experiences to thrive in the moving world.

High Praise for Innovation

"And it was a wonderful experience. One of the things that drew me to Moving Brands is their willingness to explore experimental and new-media solutions and approaches to problems and clients that many other places wouldn't consider.

"One of the most exciting aspects [of the internship] was being able to work on the code for an interactive installation design piece they created for San Francisco's Design Week open studio tours, which I gave a demonstration of during the tours."

Experiential Learning in Action

Koloskus also gained insight into what goes into making a rock-solid pitch presentation, and even wrote a weekly opinion and summary column for Moving Brand's public weekly news digest program." (See "Fleecing Content Creators" for an example.)
"I've worked with some incredibly awesome clients and projects and would encourage any CCA student interested in a company that values forward thinking to check MB out."

Faculty Influences

"When it comes to CCA faculty who prepared me for where I am now (though every professor obviously has done a lot for me), two names in particular come to mind: Eric Heiman and Jeremy Mende."

Koloskus recalls, "In Graphic Design Level 3 Eric worked me harder than anybody ever has before -- in the best way possible, I swear -- and I really think the work ethic and commitment to design I came out of that class with has made me both a thousand times more employable and a significantly better designer."

He adds, "And following that, Mende's Experimentation class taught me there's multiple ways to approach a design brief and how one can bring meaning into their work.

"Obviously every part of CCA has been integral to the designer I am today, but these classes stand out in my memory in particular."