The Huffington Post: Education, Action and Remembrance: This Week in Daily Giving

Artist, educator, and human rights activist Claudia Bernradi, works at the intersection of art and conflict. For 30 years, Claudia has participated in investigations of human rights violations, working with the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team in Argentina, Buenos Aires. From this experience, she recognized that art could be used to articulate the communal memories of survivors of human rights atrocities. The Disappeared Are Appearing Mural Project was created by relatives of those who disappeared during the military dictatorship in Argentina. This mural project will be developed in the largest Ex-Clandestine Center of Detention and Extermination of Argentina, known as ESMA. "Families of the victims will converge in this space that once functioned as a place of horror, torture, and illegal assassination, to remember, preserve, and disseminate through art praxis, their personal histories of searching for the victims, their time of mourning, and the determination of hope," Claudia said.

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