Eleven Eleven, Issue 18, Now Available

"Robot Umbrella," Eve Skylar, contributor

The new issue of Eleven Eleven, the biannual journal of literature and art published through CCA's MFA Program in Writing, is available to read at elevenelevenjournal.com!

"The aim of the publication is to provide a forum for risk and experimentation and to serve as an exchange between writers and artists," explains longtime faculty editor and poet Hugh Behm-Steinberg.

Ongoing Tribute to Burmese Writers

A new feature of Eleven Eleven now includes a section devoted to Burmese writers. Starting with issue 18, Eleven Eleven will feature several Burmese writers (both in Burmese and in English translation) in all forthcoming online issues.

Featured in Issue 18

Han Lynn – The Bird Watcher, When I Perfume Myself & Helicopter (Translated by Ko Ko Thett)
Khat Thi – At the Moment & Yangon (Translated by Ko Ko Thett)
Thi Mar Win – Moonlit Night – 9 (Translated by Kenneth Wong)

Apparently, this is the first and only journal in the United States to regularly feature Burmese writers.

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Other notable improvements include a more section-oriented table of contents and online formatting that's more user friendly, especially for mobile devices.

Mark Your Calendar

Upcoming Bay Area readings: February 18 (at CCA); and a March event (TBA)


Eleven Eleven would like to thank Juvenal Acosta, Mary Behm-Steinberg, Alex Cigale, Dianne Dec and the Hosfelt Gallery, Gloria Frym, Johanna Ingalls and Akashic Books, Kristen Kadner, John Laskey, Hazel Millar, Jay Millar and BookThug, David Morini, and Lisa Pearson and Siglio Press for their assistance, advice, and support in producing this issue.

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Eleven Eleven was founded in 2004 by Youmna Chlala and Gayle Romasanta.