California College of the Arts to Publish Art Practical and Daily Serving

Daily Serving

California College of the Arts (CCA) is pleased to announce that it will assume publication of the online contemporary arts journals Art Practical (AP) and Daily Serving (DS), effective immediately.

This creates the unprecedented opportunity for the two publications to continue to serve a broad community while enabling students to learn professional skills in publishing and to conceive of new audiences for their ideas.

As the publisher, CCA will serve as the fiscal agent for Art Practical and Daily Serving. The two publications have been run as independent entities since their founding in 2006 (DS) and 2009 (AP).

Each will retain its core mission, editorial vision, and autonomy in all areas, including content, staffing, and programming.

Publications Staff

Patricia Maloney, the current publisher of AP and DS, has been named executive director and has been appointed associate professor in Visual and Critical Studies. AP Managing Editor Kara Q. Smith and DS Managing Editor Bean Gilsdorf (MFA 2011) will each continue their roles under the new title of editor-in-chief.

Each semester, Maloney will teach a course in which both publications serve as tools for project-based learning and professional development. Students will acquire conceptual frameworks for writing and publishing criticism in the digital era as well as production and editorial skills.

Students will also contribute content to or produce content for the publications.

Provost Melanie Corn states, “We are delighted to welcome Art Practical and Daily Serving into the CCA family.  Our mutual interest in international contemporary art practice and critical study, combined with our shared dedication to advancing the Bay Area arts community, makes us ideal partners. I look forward to a productive and meaningful collaboration.”

Maloney notes, “We believe this collaboration will demonstrate a model for arts publishing in which rigorous arts criticism receives institutional support without compromise, independent journals can achieve long-term sustainability, and most importantly, students learn how to carry their ideas outside of the classroom and find reception for them in a larger community.”

Previous AP/CCA collaborations

Previously, Art Practical collaborated with CCA’s Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies (VCS) and the Center for Art and Public Life's ENGAGE program to offer a graduate-level elective course.

Led by VCS chair Tirza Latimer in fall 2013 and by Maloney in fall 2014, the course explores how contemporary art journals create and shape audiences for art. As part of the course, students write and produce content for Art Practical, evaluating the ways in which the publication converses with its readers.

Participating students curated and produced a thematic issue for their fall final project: 5.2 / Readership (2013) and 6.2 /There We Said, and in This Place (2014).

About Art Practical

Art Practical is the leading magazine for the Bay Area visual arts, sparking dialogue in the community by providing nuanced critical commentary and formative public programming. Since its launch in October 2009, it has promoted the Bay Area's role in the international art scene, created an archive of its contemporary artistic practices, and fostered its artistic production through reviews, interviews, profiles, and thematic issues. 

About Daily Serving

Daily Serving is an online platform for groundbreaking contemporary visual art through the daily publication of columns, interviews, and reviews produced by a global network of writers. Daily Serving believes in the informed personal description of the encounter with an artwork and is dedicated to articulating artists’ voices; to be self-reflective, evaluative, and adaptive; and to best represent the practices of the cultural communities in which it participates.

About California College of the Arts

Founded in 1907, California College of the Arts (CCA) offers 22 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs in the areas of fine arts, architecture, design, and writing. The college offers BFA, BA, MFA, MA, MBA, BArch, MArch, and MAAD degrees. It has campuses in San Francisco and Oakland, and currently enrolls 2,000 full-time students. CCA students are encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary manner, undertaking projects and collaborations with students in other majors and engaging with outside communities.

Noted alumni include the artists Nathan Oliveira, Jules de Balincourt, Robert Arneson, Robert Bechtle, Viola Frey, Hank Willis Thomas, Anne Wilson, and Peter Voulkos; the Oscar-winning filmmaker Audrey Marrs; the illustrator Tomie de Paola; the conceptual artists Harrell Fletcher, David Ireland, and Dennis Oppenheim; and the designers Lucille Tenazas, Michael Vanderbyl, and Gary Hutton.