Dual Honors for Community Arts Major Zach Ozma

Zach BrozmanCommunity Arts major Zach Brozman

Congratulations to Community Arts major and poet Zach Ozma (né Brozman), who was awarded an All-College Honors Award (Fine Arts division) as well as won the 2015 annual Student Book Arts Competition (sponsored by the CCA Libraries).

Each spring CCA sponsors the All-College Honors Awards competition, which recognizes outstanding student achievement. Twenty-three scholarship awards are given to students in the BA, BFA, and BArch undergraduate programs and the MA, MBA, MFA, and MArch graduate programs. (The awards are granted during the fall semester.)

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There's No Other Ghost I'd Rather Get Cruised By, a handmade book Ozma has been working on intensely this year, was selected as one of two winning books in the 2015 annual Student Book Arts Competition.

Of the two categories of book projects judged, Malaya Tulay’s Collide won in the first cateogry and Ozma's project won in the latter:

  • handmade books in any medium or form
  • books that may be handmade or commercially printed, where the content is the primary consideration for judging (e.g., photography, graphic design, comic books, or graphic novels)

Each of the winning books will be included in the libraries' artists' book collection and awarded a $200 cash prize.

Zach’s book was exhibited in Meyer Library on the Oakland campus during the end of the spring semester and is now included in the  college's Artists’ Book collection managed by the libraries.

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The Winning Project

There's No Other Ghost I'd Rather Get Cruised By is the result of research in The Louis Graydon Sullivan Papers at the San Francisco Public Library. Sullivan (1951-1990) was an activist who identified as gay and transgender. He left behind 8.4 cubic feet of papers and recordings documenting his body and life.

Like his body, his unruly archive demands a unique kind of contact.

There's No Other Ghost is not only a dedication but also an example; Sullivan revealed the ways in which the language for the body is a condition of the body’s becoming. He pressed his body into the language until it gave way.

Ozma describes the project as his effort "to place Lou's body, and my own, in a discourse of critical theory, poetry, medical and legal language. An attempt at intergenerational intimacy. An attempt at diagraming our messy bodies. An attempt at a timeline, folding."

More About Zach Ozma

The artist works primarily in sculpture, textiles, and performance. His other work can be seen in It's Night In San Francisco But It's Sunny In OaklandThe Portable Boog ReaderMacaroni Necklace, included in Terror Matrix by Zoe Tuck, and in the self-published chapbook 24 Hauntings, which was buried for a several days and then ritually exhumed. 

Where is Zach Ozma spending time this summer?

He spends weekends with the Louis Graydon Sullivan papers at the San Francisco Public Library, of course.

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