Student Travel Award

About the Student Travel Award

Who is eligible?

All full-time graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled at CCA and at the time of travel.

CCA student travel awards are granted to select student applicants to help fund travel related to their coursework twice a semester.

The maximum amount for an individual travel award is $500.

Funding may go toward speaking at a conference, conference attendance, or research-related travel, and a clear
correlation between the trip and the student applicant’s studies at CCA must be made.

This award is not for travel expenses related to class trips or study-abroad courses.

Submissions must include a letter of support from a faculty member from the student’s major program who is familiar with the student’s work or proposed project, or both. Awards are competitive; not all students applying for the award will receive one.

Also note the award is for travel that has yet to occur at the time of submission. (Retroactive awards will not be granted.)


Funding Limits - A student can only receive one award during an academic year. Award amounts range from $100 to $500 and are awarded based upon the strength of the application and availibility of funds. The award is not expected to cover all costs for a trip; it is the responsibility of the applicant to secure additional funding from other sources, if needed.

Receiving funds - Award funds are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses (which may include: conference fees, airfare, car rental, food, and lodging). All receipts MUST be shown as proof of travel expenses. NOTE: CCA will not reimburse funds for which a student has lost or did not receive a receipt. It is the responsibility of the award recipient to request and track all receipts for their travel expenses.

Planning ahead - Prepare all documents and information prior to the application deadline and before starting the application process. This includes the budget estimate document as it has to be uploaded in the application on or before the due date. As well as the letter of support from the program faculty. It is highly recommended that applicants contact your program faculty prior to beginning the application process. The system will send a request for the letter directly to the faculty member and the letter has to be received by the due date, so plan ahead.

Round 1 | SUBMIT APP
Applications due: 9/15/18
Travel Window: 9/6/18 – 11/15/18
Notifications sent: 9/22/18 (approximate)

Round 2 | SUBMIT APP
Applications due: 11/15/18
Travel Window: 11/16/18 – 1/15/19
Notifications sent: 11/22/18 (approximate)

Round 3 | SUBMIT APP
Applications due: 1/22/19
Travel window: 1/16/19 – 3/15/19
Notifications sent: 1/29/19 (approximate)

Round 4 | SUBMIT APP
Applications due: 3/15/19
Travel window: 3/16/19 – 5/15/19
Notifications sent: 3/22/19 (approximate)

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