art ltd.: DIALOGUE: Ceramics in the 21st Century

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At California College of the Arts (CCA) we take the West Coast tradition of rule breaking seriously, crafting a distinctive ceramics program that is often more experimental, interdisciplinary and performative than others. As the most intellectually promiscuous program at the college, we will partner or collaborate with everyone—the painters, sculptors, social-practicers, architects, designers, geologists and writers. We welcome them all into the studio to pinch and tell stories and reframe the field. I am currently most excited by work from Matt Wedel, Julia Haft-Candell, Michael Rey, Ehren Tool and Del Harrow, but there is plenty of other work that is equally strange and wonderful. For East Coast love, dig into the exhibition program at Greenwich House Pottery including shows by Paul Sacaridiz, Mathew McConnell and Linda Lopez. I have deep gratitude for my mentors Ken Price and Ron Nagle, but also to my contemporaries Theaster Gates and Michael Swaine who stretch us, stretch ceramics in a whole new direction. I know we are doing well when someone says, “That is not ceramics.”

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