Donor Spotlight: CCA Parents Tammy and Michael Borosky

Michael & Tammy Borosky

Tammy and Michael Borosky are the parents of third-year undergraduate Weston Borosky.

After intersecting with CCA in a variety of ways since first moving to the Bay Area, the Boroskys fortified their investment in CCA and our students by creating an endowed scholarship in the name of Michael’s former employer and legendary Bay Area designer Michael Cronan, who passed in 2013.

Cronan studied at CCA and then taught at the college for almost 20 years. His sons, Nick and Shawn, are also CCA accomplished alumni.

We asked the Boroskys to tell us about their experiences with CCA and why they chose to create this scholarship.

Your son is about to begin his third year at CCA. What did you know about CCA before Weston decided to enroll?

[Weston] attended a CCA summer program after his junior year in high school, so we had a good sense of what the Oakland campus was like and had also visited the San Francisco campus.

He was focused on the Industrial Design Program, and the more we talked to people and the more he researched other schools, it became apparent that one of the best ID programs in the country was, literally, in our backyard.

You recently decided to set up the Michael Patrick Cronan Endowed Scholarship fund here at CCA, which will be awarded to a Graphic Design or Illustration student. What sparked your desire to set up a scholarship? 

I worked for Michael Cronan and Karin Hibma when we first moved here from Houston in 1989. The office of Cronan Design, run by Michael and Karin, influenced the worlds of art, design, branding, and even clothing in the 1980s and 1990s.

He took a chance on a young designer from Texas and gave me a start in San Francisco.

One of the first projects that I worked on was the CCAC catalog (as it was named back then). Fast-forward 20 years and my son is now going to school here. The full-circle nature of those two experiences seemed to be telling us something. My wife, Tammy, was the one who really took that spark and fanned the flames.

She was the catalyst that got the ball rolling. 

Would you encourage other CCA community members to get involved at and support the college, whether it is through a donation of their financial resources, time, space, or other meaningful way?

For us, we looked at where all of our one-off contributions were going and how much difference they made in the scheme of things. We asked ourselves if we really felt connected to all those various causes.

So we made a conscious decision to channel some of those scattered efforts into one, more meaningful gesture. 

This may sound overly simplistic, but donation opportunities seem to boil down to two fundamental choices: you're either contributing toward the creation of something constructive or helping suppress something destructive.

Our choice between those two broad decisions was the former, and we chose to support the arts through art education. 

When you think about it, just about everything that surrounds us is some form of design. By supporting young, idealist makers at CCA, we like to think that we're supporting the origination of thoughtful, useful, and beautiful ideas.

And that was something we could really get behind. 

Is there anything else we didn't ask that you would like to share about your experience at CCA or regarding the Cronan Scholarship? 

The choice to support what your son or daughter is doing at CCA is similar to donating to an organization like NPR or PBS. If you're a consumer of content that you enjoy, use daily, and get value from, then it's worth ensuring those efforts continue.

Think about your favorite clothes, products that you like, films you enjoy, or even your favorite chair.

Those were all created by designers and artists who, at some point, may have relied on a scholarship from someone like you.