Geeks: Interview With Jennifer Camper, Host of the Queers & Comics Convention


As is the case with many social movements globally and throughout history, art–and in this case comic art–is a key element of LGBTQ culture and one of the most effective mechanisms for social commentary, critique and progress. It is in this very spirit that cartoonist and graphic artist Jennifer Camper and her co-organizers put together the inaugural Queers & Comics Conference in 2015. To put this in context, until as late as 1989 the Comics Code Authority had banned any mention of homosexuality in comics, forbidding gay characters, themes or even subtle references in dialogue. Even in the years following, queer comics were relegated to the underground comic world, where the niche content gained traction and an impassioned following until it spawned a genre unto itself. You need only look at the presence of queer comic book characters like Supergirl to understand that queer comics is underground no longer. 

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