CCA Dean of Fine Arts Jim Voorhies' book reviewed by Hyperallergic

Cover of book

Voorhies’s book is partly a series of case studies on watershed shows of the last fifty years — shows that, in his view, “relie[d] upon and utilize[d] the exhibition form and art’s critical potential within that form.”

“Emancipation can’t be expected from forms of art that presuppose the imbecility of the viewer, while anticipating their precise effect on that viewer,” says Jacques Rancière in a 2007 Artforum interview:

For example, exhibitions that capitalize on the denunciation of the “society of the spectacle” or of “consumer society” — bugbears that have already been denounced a hundred times — or those that want to make viewers “active” at all costs with the help of various gadgets borrowed from advertising, a desire predicated on the presupposition that the spectator is otherwise necessarily rendered “passive” solely by virtue of his looking.

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