Paste Magazine Interviews Comics Faculty Nicole Georges

Image of cover of Nicole Georges' bookBeija, the main character of Nicole Georges' book

If you’re not a dog person, you may not think that Nicole J. Georges’ new graphic novel, Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home, has a place in your library. You’re wrong.

Georges has the wonderful ability to unpack her life, lending it a tightly curated structure while letting it connect with your own—probably very different—autobiography. I think dogs are okay; I grew up in a pretty square environment, eat meat, pursued a normal educational path and have two children. My life path runs contrary to that of Georges, but this book speaks to me nonetheless.

Fetch addresses her relationship with Beija, a strong-willed pooch who despises men and children, but offers a loyalty and unconditional love rare even for woman’s best friend. The panels zoom out to show how critters served as a focal point of affection and aid for Georges throughout her life.

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