Alumna Ann Morhauser: From Hippie to Haute Glass Maker

Photo of Ann MorhauserCCA alumna Ann Morhauser

Source: Forbes

When Annieglass founder Annie Morhauser bought a 25,000-square-foot warehouse in Watsonville, California, the stress of the investment made her sick to her stomach—literally: she threw up in the face of owning such a massive hunk of real estate. Twenty years later, she can safely say her investment was a success. The building is the site of the Annieglass environmentally-friendly glassmaking facility plus a vibrant event space.

But the path to success was long and winding. It started when she witnessed an artisan blowing glass on a beach under a full moon 10 years earlier. She was a young hippie who wanted to create beautiful things, and she did just that. She enrolled at the California College of the Arts and studied a glass art called slumping—instead of blowing the glass, it's hung on hooks or molds to create unique shapes.

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