VP of Design at Fitbit and Graduate of CCA's Industrial Design Program Talks About His Career Journey

Jonah Becker, Fitbit VP of Design and CCA Alumnus

In his two and a half years at Fitbit, VP of Design Jonah Becker has helped the company "outrun (pun!) industry giant Apple."

In an interview with lifehacker, Jonah--a graduate of CCA's Industrial Design program in 1997--talks about his long history with the College: 

"My mom is a graphic designer and has been on faculty at CCA in San Francisco since I was very young, so I was exposed to all the design disciplines. Her home studio gave me lots of opportunity to play with all sorts of design tools, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a designer."

Check out the full article here, and also be sure to check out CCA's Industrial Design program with a faculty of professionals from globally recognized design firms whose products are marketed around the world -- Intel, Jawbone, Nike, and Herman Miller.