Students Malachi Trent and Helen Vanleuven Win Award For Extraordinary Woodwork

The Ronald and Anita Wornick Award Winners

On October 24, Furniture Program students Malachi Trent and Helen Vanleuven were celebrated for their excellent work in the wood arts as recipients of the annual Ronald and Anita Wornick Award.

The Ronald and Anita Wornick Award recognizes, nourishes, and encourages talented students working in the field of contemporary craft at CCA by providing them with scholarships and showcasing their work in a special exhibition on campus. Trent and Vanleuven’s works are currently on view in an exhibition in CCA’s Nave Alcove space. 

Ronald and Anita Wornick are known for their private collection of contemporary craft. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Wornick, an accomplished woodworker in his own right, began actively collecting master artisan pieces made from wood, ceramics, glass, fiber, and metal. Within 20 years, the Wornicks had created one of the premier contemporary craft collections in the world. 

The Award was established by the Wornick Company on the occasion of Ronald’s retirement as its president and CEO. Ronald Wornick has also been a member of the CCA Board of Trustees since 1992. 

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