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Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 by Lindsey Westbrook

Zygote Quarterly
Issuu, 2012
Digital, free

Thomas McKeag (Industrial Design faculty) cofounded the digital magazine Zygote Quarterly earlier this year. The magazine is devoted to the nexus of science and design, where they meet in biologically inspired problem solving. It focuses on the informed professional and presents material that is at a level between the peer-reviewed journal and the popular press. In 2012 it was nominated by the Digital Magazine Awards in two categories, Launch of the Year and Science and Nature, competing against magazines such as Scientific American and New Scientist.

Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 by Matthew Harrison Tedford

The Walls of Hope project in progress in Monthey, Switzerland

Claudia Bernardi (today a professor in CCA's Community Arts Program, but who also teaches in a wide range of disciplines, including Diversity Studies, Fine Arts, and Visual and Critical Studies programs) was a student at the university of art in Buenos Aires in 1976, the year the military dictatorship took power in Argentina.

"Those were very dark years -- very tragic, painful, and violent. The ones who survived learned to look at life, history, and art quite differently."

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by Allison Byers

Since 1868, the University of California's motto has been "Let there be light." Now the university's new logo is bringing plenty of heat.
Critics have compared the recently unveiled logo - a yellow, half-realized "C" inside a stylized blue "U" - to a napkin doodle, a bidet or a banana label. One online commenter said it "looks like it's still loading."

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Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 by Susannah Magers

Pae White, muhf-uhl, 2012

Susannah Magers (MA Curatorial Practice 2011) spent five months in 2012 on site as the visitor engagement manager at the exhibition International Orange, a FOR-SITE Foundation project located in Fort Point, near San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

It is the latest and most ambitious project yet produced by the foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to the production of art about place.

What It's Like to be at International Orange

When I tell people I work in a fort underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, their reaction usually registers surprise, followed by confusion ("Wait . . . where?"). The date is October 25, 2012, and I have spent the past five months, five days a week, on site as the visitor engagement manager at the exhibition International Orange.

Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by Lindsey Westbrook

A character concept for Fergus from the Pixar film Brave, by Steve Purcell

Steve Purcell (Interdisciplinary Fine Arts 1982) is a cartoonist, animator, director, game designer, and Eisner Award recipient. He works at Pixar, and was a writer and codirector of the 2012 feature film Brave.

While at CCA he contributed comic strips to the college newspaper, Spectrum, and these were the first public appearances of his characters known as Sam & Max Freelance Police, a duo of anthropomorphic animal vigilantes and private investigators who have subsequently enjoyed great success in comic, TV show, and game formats.

One of Purcell's friends and fellow students at CCA was Mike Mignola (Illustration 1982), who went on to become the creator of Hellboy. They both studied under Vince Perez and Gary Ruddell. After graduation Purcell freelanced for Marvel Comics and spent some years at LucasArts and Industrial Light & Magic before landing his current job at Pixar.

Purcell shared some insights about his career in the latest issue of CCA's Glance magazine:

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 by Allison Byers

Interior Design today announced its 2012 inductees into the Hall of Fame, which include Alexandra Champalimaud, Patrick Jouin, Jim Olson and Tom Kundig, and Michael Vanderbyl.
“I’m tremendously excited by this year’s stellar lineup,” said Cindy Allen, editor in chief of Interior Design, which will formally induct the group during the 28th annual Hall of Fame event on November 28th at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. “This group designs the full spectrum and, most importantly, positively impacts lives all over the world.”

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 by Allison Byers

A comics creator who knows how to milk the fusion of, and tension between, word and image can place us deep inside a character’s head with an immediacy and sensuousness prose writers envy. In comics, style informs substance — physically shapes it to alter our perceptions in intimate ways. Mood and tone don’t emerge over the course of paragraphs and chapters; they’re evident at first glance, infused into the arrangement of panels, thickness of lines and density of detail. We read books; we feel comics.

Posted on Friday, November 16, 2012 by Rachel Walther

Glen Helfand (in the green T-shirt) with CCA students and Creativity Explored artists

A hall of mirrors reflecting an artist's actual view of the world; sculptural train tracks coming out of the wall and into the gallery space; colorful, hanging text-mobiles that evoke psychologically charged word-clouds; a fashion magazine devoted to one fabulous model; and a pop-up shop selling equestrian-themed T-shirts, jewelry, and drawings:

These are the works that will be on view in Fabricators, the culminating exhibition for Glen Helfand's fall 2012 ENGAGE at CCA course, at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, December 12-22, 2012. The public is invited to the reception on Saturday, December 15, 3-5 p.m.

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Jim Norrena

Textiles faculty member Lia Cook (photo: Liz Hafalia, SF Chronicle)

As an award-winning textile artist and longtime professor at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, Berkeley resident Lia Cook admits to a slight bias about the importance of craft to a person's emotional well-being.

"We're a visually oriented culture, one in which other senses aren't emphasized," she says. "But using your hands to make something is part of what it means to be human."

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Allison Byers

This year’s Alternative Press Expo (APE) marks its 19th year and it seems the Undead Apocalypse has gone underground. Even this close to San Francisco’s sacred holiday, Halloween, vampires and other miscellaneous undead made nary an appearance in APE’s hallowed halls, which featured the best in alternative, small press, and self-published comics.

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