Game Design & Digital Media

This studio focuses on interactive game design, while simultaneously exposing participants to the broader world of interaction design, an exciting new field in which designers shape the future of social and machine interactions in a wide range of industries -- from gaming to social networks to education to health care.

Students explore the nature of interactive computer games -- their past, present, and potential future -- and how to create them, moving from concept development to design and production.

Through workshops in digital mapping, augmented reality, and locative media, students also examine how game-player mobility, using devices such as ultra smart phones, which combine cameras, mapping, communications, and audio-visual playback, has opened a new portal for digital-media innovation.

This studio meets in a computer hybrid lab. Students are encouraged to bring their own iPads or iPhones, or both, to class, if they have them.

Game Design & Digital Media is an all-day studio.