Resources for International Students

Academic and English Support

Learning Resource Center at CCA

CCA’s Learning Resource Center offers coaching in a variety of subjects, including writing skills, software, and academic English.

See Learning Resource Center for more information about coaching, including coaches’ schedules, and how to register for coaching.

Getting Around the Bay Area

Transit Websites

  • BART is the metro system in the Bay Area. It is especially useful in getting back and forth between San Francisco and the East Bay.
  • CalTrain provides train service between the South Bay / Peninsula area and San Francisco.
  • MUNI is the bus system in San Francisco. It provides bus and trolley service within San Francisco.
  • AC Transit is the bus system in Berkeley and Oakland. (Additionally, AC Transit operates a transbay bus that goes between Oakland and San Francisco.)
  • is a good resource for planning trips using public transportation. It provides information and schedules for transit systems all around the Bay Area, including Muni and AC Transit.
  • Google maps has a public-transit option for the Bay Area. It's a useful tool to plan trips.

Additional Information