Staff advisors are on campus and available throughout the academic year. Take advantage and meet with your advisor several times during the semester.

Remember to have a copy of your degree audit and sequence chart with you.

Academic Advising appointments are held in private but are not confidential. If you wish to schedule a confidential meeting with a counselor, CCA offers free Counseling Services for current students (see Counseling Services for details).

During winter or summer breaks

Advisors are available during winter and summer breaks by appointment only. They may not always be in their offices as they tend to other responsibilities.

Continuing students should contact their advisor to schedule an appointment.

Those who have just completed their first year may email

During the add/drop period

Academic Advisors are available for drop-in meetings during the first week of the semester.

Their drop-in hours are sent via CCA email and posted on their office doors.

Appointments should be made for later in the semester to discuss academic-planning concerns outside of immediate add/drop issues.

Online Add/Drop

In the first week of Add/Drop, courses can be dropped and open courses can be added via WebAdvisor. To add a closed course, you must obtain an instructor's signature on an Add/Drop form and submit it to the Student Records Office.

See Add/Drop/Withdrawal for more information.


After the add/drop period

After the add/drop period and before priority registration, advisors are available to talk about the following topics:

  • academic planning
  • course scheduling
  • course waivers
  • transfer credit
  • internships
  • independent study
  • study abroad
  • graduation
  • referrals & information about other college resources

Contact your advisor to schedule an appointment.

Preparing for registration

To prepare for priority registration, all undergraduates should connect with their advisor. Advisors will host academic-planning workshops and/or individual meetings in the weeks prior to registration.

See Registration for more information.