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Graduate students: See your graduate program manager for all academic advising needs. (For questions related to your academic records, contact the Student Records Office at 415.703.9579.)

Staff advisors are on campus and available throughout the academic year. The director of academic advising supervises the staff.

Academic Advising appointments are held in private but are not confidential. If you wish to schedule a confidential meeting with a counselor, CCA offers free Counseling Services for current students (see Counseling Services for details).

San Francisco Campus

The undergraduate Advising Office is located at 1111 Eighth Street.

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FONDA YOSHIMOTO-REED, Director of Academic Advising
Room 125

JESSICA BOCKELMAN, Senior Academic Advisor
(Furniture, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Painting/Drawing)
Room 123
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MACKENZIE GELINA, Academic Advisor
(Film, Graphic Design, Illustration)
Room 122B
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JARED ELIZARES, Academic Advisor
(Architecture, Fashion Design, Interior Design)
Room 122A
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Oakland Campus

The undergraduate Advising Office is located in the Irwin Student Center.

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COURTNEY CHUNG-TORRALBA, Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Room 215

ASTRID EK, Academic Advisor
(Community Arts, Photography, Printmaking, Writing & Literature, Visual Studies, undeclared)
Room 212

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JEREMY KHUTH, Academic Advisor
(Animation, Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry / Metal Arts, Sculpture, Textiles)
Room 213B

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