First-Year Advising

First-year students are assigned first-year advisors who teach the Core Curriculum in the First Year program. This unique advising structure is designed to provide students with tools for navigating their academic paths in their first year specifically.

In addition to first-year advisors, first-year students are supported by the first year specialist and associate director of Academic Advising, who are available to meet with students during regular office hours.

First-Year Advising Office Hours

First-year advising office hours are held on the Oakland campus in Irwin Student Center, Room 215. Check the schedule below for days, times, and locations.

Academic Advising appointments are held in private but are not confidential.

If you wish to schedule a confidential meeting with a counselor, CCA offers free Counseling Services for current students.

During the add/drop period

Online Add/Drop (January 12-23)
In the first week of Add/Drop, courses can be dropped and open courses can be added via WebAdvisor. First Year Advisors make themselves available for walk-in meetings for extended hours during the first two weeks of the semester. No appointment is necessary. See Add/Drop/Withdrawal for more information.

After the add/drop period

First-year advisors hold regular weekly office hours. Appointments are recommended. If you are unable to meet with your first-year advisor during scheduled office hours, please contact them in class or via email to schedule a time to meet that is more convenient.

NOTEFirst year advisors do not hold regular office hours on Fridays. Please visit the First Year Advising Office, Room 215, for assistance.

Preparing for registration

Priority Registration (August 31 - September 11)
As you prepare for priority registration, first year advisors make themselves available for walk-in meetings for extended hours during the three weeks of Priority Registration. You may meet with any first year advisor who is available. No appointment is necessary. See Registration for more information.

NOTEFirst year advisors do not hold office hours on Fridays. Please visit the First Year Advising Office, Room 215, for assistance

Launch Program

The Launch Program is a series of events, workshops, and check-ins designed specifically to support students in their first year at CCA by helping them create a solid foundation.

Adapting to college is a challenge we want to help our students face with the support, resources, and tools to help them thrive.

The artistic environment fostered at CCA calls for a high level of commitment to studio practice and general education. Thriving here requires a unique set of skills.

The Launch Program is designed to help you develop a healthful balance to encourage your success.

Academic Planning & Bridge Workshops

First-year advisors facilitate a number of workshops throughout the year to help students prepare for registration in courses and transition to their major program.

These workshops are mandatory for first-year students as they are an essential part of the first-year experience. 

In the fall, academic planning workshops are held in preparation for registration in spring courses. In the spring, bridge workshops are held in preparation of Majors Exposed and transition into the major program.

Majors Exposed

Majors Exposed is a unique opportunity to engage and connect with faculty, staff, and students in various programs, co-curricular programs, resources, and offices all in one place.

First-year students are required to attend, and all undergraduate students are welcome. New transfer and second-degree students are highly encouraged to attend.

Graduate students: See your graduate program manager for all academic advising needs. (For questions related to your academic records, contact the Student Records Office at 415.703.9579.)