Incoming Students

We are excited to welcome new incoming undergraduate students to California College of the Arts. We look forward to working with you upon your arrival. Your first introduction to academic advisor will be at New Student Orientation. Until that time, first-year students and new incoming transfer and second-degree students should continue to direct questions to their enrollment counselor.

Early Registration

Now that you have been accepted to CCA, we know that you are excited to prepare for the upcoming semester. We have a unique process in place to help get you registered for just the right courses. The early registration process takes place in June for fall semester and in December for spring semester. 

Review the Undergraduate Early Registration Planning Guide for important detailed information regarding Early Registration.


For fall enrollment, you may participate in early registration once you have submitted a tuition deposit.

For spring enrollment, you need to make a tuition payment in order to participate in early registration. (See “Make Your Payments” for details and payment deadlines). 

Steps to Early Registration

  1. Send Transcripts and Test Scores to CCA Admissions

  2. Set Up CCA Email and WebAdvisor Accounts

  3. Indicate Preferences via Registration Intake Form

  4. Get Reviewed and Registered

  5. Review and Confirm Sschedule

  6. Attend Orientation/Adjust Schedule

Transfer Evaluation & Portfolio Review

It is in your best interest to submit all standardized test scores, high school transcripts, and college transcripts as applicable as soon as possible to be registered in the appropriate courses.

The deadline to submit final test scores and transcripts is August 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester.

At orientation, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with faculty for a final review of transcripts and portfolios. You may receive recommendations for schedule changes.

What to Take to Orientation for Portfolio Review

Your application portfolio has already been reviewed for course placement. You are welcome to bring a CD, flash drive, or physical work of any additional work that displays increased proficiency related to your major for review.

If by orientation you have yet to receive credit from previous college coursework, specifically due to missing or in-progress transcripts, unofficial transcripts can be helpful in obtaining temporary course schedule adjustments. While unofficial transcripts will not grant official credit for the courses in question, they might allow temporary prerequisite overrides. To receive transfer credit for courses, students must have all official transcripts sent to CCA by the end of their first semester.

Writing Course Placement

You are required to take the English Placement Exam prior to your first semester at CCA unless you have been waived via test scores or transcripts. (See the English Placement Exam page for details.)

Advisor Assignment

Your first introduction to Academic Advising takes place at New Student Orientation.