We are excited to welcome the new incoming transfer and second-degree students here at California College of the Arts and look forward to working with you this Spring.

Please bookmark this page, which offers specific information pertaining to the registration process.

Your first opportunity to work with your academic advisor will be at Orientation in January; until that time, First Year students and new incoming transfer and second-degree students should continue to direct questions to their enrollment counselor.

Spring Planning Guide

Check out the Academic Advising Spring Planning Guide for answers to all your questions prior to arriving on campus in January.


Now that you have been accepted to CCA, we know you're excited to prepare for the upcoming fall semester. CCA’s Advising Program has a unique process in place to help get you registered for just the right courses.

Note: If you intend to study a major other than what you stated on your application, email askanadvisor@cca.edu to ensure no delay occurs in connecting you with the materials for the intended major.

Step 1

Do you need to take the English Placement Exam?
All incoming undergraduates must take the English Placement Exam (EPE) unless they are eligible to waive the exam requirements. Take this quiz to find out if you can waive the EPE!

Step 2

Registration Intake Form
Your advisor will contact you so you can complete the Registration Intake Form for your major. Use this form to provide feedback and preferences regarding your selected courses for the spring semester.

Step 3

Registration Intake Form & File Review
Your advisor reviews the feedback you submit, along with all the documents that CCA has on file for you as of December 2, 2013 (e.g., transcripts, grades, test scores, portfolio review).

Step 4

Early Spring Registration
Your advisor determines the appropriate first-semester courses and registers you accordingly. The advisor will register you in a minimum of 12 units to ensure you are at full-time status. (See slide 7 in the Spring Planning Guide regarding part-time versus full-time status.)

Step 5

Registration Review
Once your registration is complete your advisor sends a confirmation email with instructions on how to access your spring 2014 schedule.

Step 6

Registration Confirmation
Confirm that you have reviewed your spring schedule and, if necessary, ask questions via a phone appointment in December.
Neither additional registration nor schedule changes can be made after December 6, 2013. You can adjust your schedule during Orientation Week as well as during the first week of classes (the Add/Drop Period).


During Early Spring Registration, advisors can only register students based on the official transcripts that we have on file. At the Portfolio Review session during Orientation (Thursday, January 16), students will meet with program faculty for a final review of transcripts and portfolios, as well as obtain recommendations for any additional changes to their course schedule.

What to Take to Portfolio Review

Portfolio (CD, flash drive, or physical work)
Your initial portfolio, used in applying to CCA, has already been reviewed for course placement. If you have completed additional work that displays increased proficiency related to your major, program faculty members are available to review it at the Portfolio Review session during Orientation on January 16th.

Unofficial Transcripts
If by Orientation you have not yet received credit from previous college course-work, specifically due to missing or in-progress transcripts, unofficial transcripts can be helpful in obtaining temporary course schedule adjustments. While unofficial transcripts will not grant official credit for the courses in question, they may allow temporary prerequisite overrides to allow you to move along in your program. To receive transfer credit for courses, students must have all official transcripts sent to CCA by the end of their first semester.