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Who Should I Contact for a Specific Need?

Quality advising and support is essential to every CCA student's success. However, it requires teamwork and communication between several faculty and staff members. Understanding the communication stream may be difficult at first, but once you know who to talk to, it can easily be mapped out.

Before contacting a specific person, identify your area of inquiry listed below, then contact the appropriate person using the provided contact lists:


See Directors & Chairs »

Program Manager

See Academic Affairs Divisions for lists of program managers by division (architecture, design, fine arts, humanities and sciences)


  • Referrals to counseling
  • Referrals to LRC
  • Referrals to ISAP
  • Early outreach
  • Students of concern

See the Contact Page for how to reach the advisor who's been assigned to your specific program.

Please use the Course Profile Outreach form to notify the advising staff of courses you would like help advertising.