Advisor Assignments

Know Your Advisor

As artists and designers in their own right, academic advisors hold unique real world knowledge of the programs they work with. Teamed with program experts, Academic Advisors at CCA are available to help you engage with your specific major.

To schedule an appointment or to let your advisor know you plan to visit during office hours, please email the advisor at least 24 hours in advance.

Find your program's advisor below or in WebAdvisor.

Academic Advisors by Program

Animation -- Jeremy Khuth
Architecture -- Nicole Whitner
Ceramics -- Jeremy Khuth
Community Arts -- Astrid Ek
Fashion Design -- Nicole Whitner
Film -- Mackenzie Gelina
Furniture -- Emily Tareila
Glass -- Jeremy Khuth
Graphic Design -- Mackenzie Gelina
Illustration -- Mackenzie Gelina
Individualized Major -- Christina La Sala
Industrial Design -- Emily Tareila
Interaction Design -- Emily Tareila
Interior Design -- Nicole Whitner
Jewelry / Metal Arts -- Jeremy Khuth
Painting/Drawing -- Emily Tareila
Photography -- Astrid Ek
Printmaking -- Astrid Ek
Sculpture -- Jeremy Khuth
Textiles -- Jeremy Khuth
Visual Studies -- Astrik Ek
Writing and Literature -- Astrid Ek
Undeclared -- Astrid Ek