Tips (Students/Alumni)

Whether your discipline is fine arts, design, architecture, or the humanities, embracing networking events like the Career Expo is a critical step toward establishing your career.

What to Expect

Students and alumni do not need to pre-register for the Expo. Check-in tables will be in the Nave. Pick up a free tote bag and complete our Expo survey!

  • Connect with creative directors & recruiters, designers, museums, and arts organizations to spark future opportunities
  • Show your portfolio and résumé
  • Share your vision
  • Practice professional preparedness techniques
  • Learn more about creative industries and make new contacts

Prepare for the Career Expo

  • Read tips for getting the most from the Career Expo
  • Attend an Expo prep workshop on Fridays in February. Sign now!
  • See the recruiter page and research all potential employer websites
  • Current students can also take advantage of the Writing Coaches to review résumés. Be sure to plan ahead.
  • Discuss presentation, contents, and order of the work in your portfolio with your faculty members.
  • Plan to wear a professional outfit.
  • Have business cards. We recommend MOO and Vistaprint, but also consider Green Copy across the street from the Oakland campus.

Attending CCA's Career Expo

  • Keep in mind many companies are interested in meeting students across multiple disciplines. Approach everybody—you never know!
  • Introduce yourself (prepare an introduction), and then be prepared to ask questions.
  • Pick up business cards and literature. Provide company representatives with your resume or business card as appropriate.
  • For those companies that interest you, inquire as to the best way to keep in touch with the representative after the Expo.

Still have questions? Please contact the Career Development Office.