Employer Guidelines

See the employer FAQ for detailed information.
Visit internship forms to access all forms.

Creating Your First Internship?
This article by Fast Company provides some great guidance to building your new internship program. CCA's Career Development team can also offer tips, guidance and support in building an internship that will serve both you and our students well.

Company Registration
First-time registrants should use a concise, but engaging company description that will attract interest in both your company and your open position. 

Registration Approval
CCA's Career Development team will approve your company site registration as soon as possible. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your ID and password. You can then access the Handshake Job Board to post your job or internship opportunity.

Internship Guidelines

Internship Definition
An internship should be a substantive experience that provides the student a link between theory and practice. Career Development will list internships that have the potential to grant a student elective credit. Each program may have requirements, specific to the field of practice. For more information, please visit the program website, or email Career Development with any questions.

Internship Relevance
The majority of internships are paid and must be approved by the program's faculty internship advisor in order for a student to receive credit. If an internship is not academically relevant and is not approved, you will be notified and may be asked to consider changing the internship into a part-time position on the Handshake job board. If you have questions about pay, please see the employer FAQ.

Some majors have a minimum hours requirement for internships. Please visit Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design for each program's specific internship information. Fine arts students intern from 6-12 hours per week.

Listing your internship
Internships can be posted on the Handshake job board. Prior to posting, we recommend reviewing program internship requirements to ensure your experience matches student and departmental expectations

After an internship is posted
Interested students will contact you per the contact instructions you've provided.

At that time, they must complete the necessary forms with you to gain approval for internship credit.

Upon approval, they can begin work.

Supervisor Expectations:

As an employer, you or a staff member will serve as supervisor to your intern. The supervisor is required to meet with the intern individually to set goals, expectations, and responsibilities, by completing an internship learning agreement. This document will define the intern's role within your organization.

Throughout the internship, we ask that you meet with your intern on a regular basis to review progress, projects and expectations.

At the end of the semester, or when the internship concludes, we ask that you provide us with an internship evaluation, including a recommendation for a grade.


Please contact the Career Development Office with any questions.