Student Internship Guidelines

Please see student FAQ for detailed information.
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Fine Arts & Humanities Internships
Internship credit is available to our Fine Arts, Individualized, and Visual Studies majors through the Fine Art Studio Elective Internship Course. Students are responsible for securing a position at an internship site of academic relevance that is enriching to the student’s field of study. Sites should be able to offer 90 -120 hours of work for the 15 week semester.

The internship class will meet as a group 3 times throughout the semester. At this time you will develop a Learning Contract and establish a final project or presentation topic to submit at the end of the term. The subsequent 6-8hours/week of class time will be spent at each student's respective internship site. If an internship is not paid, it is strongly advised that students receive compensation for work beyond the 8 hour/week internship requirements.

An advanced student not yet at Junior standing can submit a signed waiver from their Advisor or Chair permitting early entrance to the internship course. There will be 2 internship meetings during the first two weeks of class. It is very important to attend these meetings.

Students registered for the Internship course must attend one of the mandatory class meetings to submit their completed Internship Forms to the course instructor before the add/drop period ends. Students who do not attend the class meeting, or who do not secure a position at an internship site by the end of the add/drop period must drop the course to avoid receiving an F.

Questions? Contact Marianne Beck or Career Development.

Majors with Internship Requirements
CCA's Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design programs require students to complete an internship as part of the curricular requirements. Please refer to your faculty internship advisor to assess whether you are eligible for an internship.

Graduate Students
Internships for graduate students are also offered by our graduate study departments and are encouraged. If you are interested, please contact your program chair or manager. Career Development can provide guidance on identifying internship opportunities and in preparing to apply.

Internship Eligibility
Current CCA students must have all paperwork approved and satisfy all the requirements required by their major in order to participate in an internship. Because an internship has the potential to give you academic credit for your major, it must be within your discipline and link theory and practice. International students must meet with an ISAP Office staff member to ensure they are complying with all requirements.

Grades & Credit
Your internship site supervisor must agree to complete a Learning Contract and a performance evaluation with a recommendation for a grade at the end of the semester. This grade is taken into account along with other components such as attending a seminar, keeping a journal, and possibly writing a paper. The grade is submitted by your faculty internship advisor at the end of the semester, or completion of internship, whichever comes first.

Hours for Credit
Hours for credit will vary by department. Fine Arts majors receive 3 credits for an approved internship experience and completion in course requirements. Most internships are paid and must be approved by the faculty internship advisor in order for a student to receive credit. You must have the internship approved before you begin, otherwise you will not get credit. Retroactive credit will not be granted. A detailed breakdown of credit-earning requirements can be found on the back of the internship registration form.

Internship Listings on CCAWorks
The CCA Works job board lists internships for most areas of study. The faculty internship advisor provides final approval for credit.