CCA Cares

CCA Cares is an initiative to addresses potential harm to students and employ appropriate positive intervention.

We aim to identify the underlying causes of such potential harm so that preventative action may benefit the students and the college community alike.

ATTENTION: Call 9-1-1 if you are in imminent danger or are experiencing a medical emergency. Then call CCA Public Safety at 415.703.9510.

CCA's Care team engages students with the care and support needed during difficult and challenging personal and academic circumstances. Because of these circumstances, students may exhibit behaviors that can be seen as distressing, disruptive, disturbing, or dangerous.  

CCA community members can provide the CCA Care Team with information regarding the student they are concerned about. The team will determine how to best support each student.

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Refer a Student

Use the CCA Care Form to refer a student and provide necessary information.

Understanding the context for a referral is important to providing the best possible support and the most appropriate follow-up.

We, therefore, encourage the referral to identify oneself. However, we do offer the option for anonymous reporting. 

The CCA Care team will maintain confidentiality to the extent allowable. In some cases, the individual making the referral may be contacted for additional information about the concerning behavior.

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