Care Team

The CCA Care team acknowledges risks to students can develop over time and that appropriate positive intervention can reduce the impact of the behaviors — including the underlying causes — in a way that benefits both the student and the CCA community as a whole.

Students sitting outside on the CCA Oakland campus


The CCA Care team is a multidisciplinary team committed to improving our community through a proactive, supportive, and collaborative approach to the prevention, intervention, and management of students exhibiting concerning behaviors. 

By partnering with members of the community, the team strives to demonstrate care for all students' well-being and success, while prioritizing the safety of the CCA community.

Our Values

Reduce or eliminate behaviors that threaten the safety and well-being of the CCA community

Engage students with the care support needed during difficult and challenging personal and academic circumstances

Demonstrate care for the personal and academic success of all students

Promote, empower, and reinforce behaviors that support personal safety and the safety of the CCA community

Our Purpose Is to . . .

  • Ensure students' academic and personal success.
  • Provide a structure for a preventative systematic response to concerning behaviors/situations.
  • Support and advise individuals who experience concerning or potentially threatening behaviors.
  • Educate and empower the campus community to care by recognizing, reporting, and effectively addressing students who exhibit distressing, disruptive, disturbing, dangerous, and concerning behaviors.
  • Show care and support for the health and safety of students and the campus community.

Team Representatives

Academic Advising
Academic Affairs
Access & Wellness
Counseling ServicesOffice of the Dean of Students
Financial Aid
International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP)
Public Safety
Office of Housing & Residential Life