Academic Policies

It is the intention of the college to offer uninterrupted courses of study to its students; however, in the event that the college is unable to continue some or all academic instruction because of a natural disaster, power failure, fire, strikes, damage by the elements, or other event beyond its control, tuition and other fees are not refundable and damages not payable.

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance in all classes is required. Students are expected to arrive on time and remain in class for the entire period scheduled. The responsibility for work missed due to any type of absence rests with the student. Attendance is mandatory. Three unexcused absences will result in a student failing the class. Three late arrivals is equivalent to one unexcused absence. Any exceptions are up to the discretion of the instructor.

Credit Hour Definition

An undergraduate studio credit hour at CCA consists of 2 hours in class with an average expectation of 1 hour of work outside of class each week. For a 3-unit studio class this would equate to 6 hours in class and 3 hours outside of class per week during a 15-week semester.

An undergraduate H&S/Seminar credit hour, as well as a graduate studio or seminar credit hour (with the exception of the Masters of Architecture Program), at CCA consists of 1 hour in class with an average expectation of 2 hours of work outside of class each week. For a 3-unit class this would equate to 3 hours in class and 6 hours outside of class per week during a 15-week semester.

It is important to note that the out-of-class time expectations are averages only and may vary depending on the level of the course as well as individual ability and learning style of the student.

Auditing Policy

CCA does not permit students to audit classes.

Students are advised to check their schedule on WebAdvisor before the end of the second week of the term to verify that they are enrolled in the correct classes. Those who discover that they are not registered for a class must submit a completed Add/Drop form to the Student Records Office before the end of the add/drop period if they wish to continue attending the class.

Students who have disregarded the no-audit policy at CCA, will not receive credit for courses they have unofficially attended. Students cannot petition to be retroactively registered in audited classes nor does CCA grant experiential credit. Work completed in a course while unofficially attending will not be allowed to fulfill degree or pre-requisite requirements.

Undergraduate Class Level

The number of semester units completed determines undergraduate class level:

  • First year: 0–29 units
  • Second year: 30–59 units
  • Third year: 60–89 units
  • Fourth year: 90–126 units
  • Fifth year (BArch only): 127–162 units