Workplace Security Policy

The college is committed to providing a workplace, including all studio, gallery, and residential areas, that is free from acts or threats of violence. It is therefore essential that every student and employee understand the importance of workplace safety and security.

Every threat of violence is potentially serious and must be treated as such. Threatening behavior can include such actions as throwing objects, making verbal threats to harm another individual or destroy property, displaying an intense or obsessive romantic interest that exceeds the normal bounds of interpersonal interest, or attempting to intimidate or harass other individuals.

Individuals who become aware of any threats of workplace violence must report these threats immediately to the vice president for Student Affairs or another officer of the college.

For an individual who becomes aware of any actual violence, imminent violence, or threat of imminent violence, obtaining emergency assistance must be a matter of first priority. The individual should immediately contact the Department of Public Safety or call any available vice president and, if appropriate, should contact the Oakland or San Francisco Police Department by dialing 9-1-1.

Compliance with this antiviolence policy is a condition of enrollment and employment for all members of the college community.