Change of Address/Name

Students should submit a change of address to the Student Records Office by using WebAdvisor, or by filling out a Change of Address form in person, whenever there is a change made to a student's address.

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Since it is possible to have several addresses on file, a student submitting a Change of Address should be careful to indicate which address should be changed and to verify all addresses on file are accurate and up to date.

Students must have a current local address on file in order to receive mailings from the college. Students who are leaving the area during the summer or for a leave of absence should be sure to have a permanent address on file and should request that their local address be deleted.

Change of Name

Filing a Request for Change of Name form will initiate a formal change in the name used for a student's official records.

For current students, it provides authorization for the new name to be entered on the permanent record, including any subsequent data.

CCA will not accept a formal name change request once the student has graduated or otherwise discontinued enrollment. If there are special circumstances involved in the request for a name change please contact the registrar.

Please visit the Student Records Office on either campus to pick up the Request for Change of Name form.

Note: CCA uses legal names only for external reporting.