Oakland Campus

Students may park on any of the city streets near the campus but should be careful not to block driveways or crosswalks; otherwise, their cars will be ticketed and towed by the Oakland Police Department.

Students may not park in the parking lot of the Arts Far West School on Clifton; those who do so will be towed.

Handicapped parking is available by state permit in the front of the faculty lot and on Clifton Street.

San Francisco Campus

Street parking is available at the San Francisco campus. Students should be aware of the 30-minute parking zone on the east end of Irwin Street, the white zone curb on Irwin, and the one-hour parking zone on Eighth Street. The San Francisco Police Department will ticket violators in these zones.

Parking motorcycles and scooters on the sidewalk may result in a ticket.

Cars parked alongside the sidewalk on Hooper Street may get ticketed.

Handicapped parking is available by state permit at the corner of Eighth Street and Irwin and in front of the CCA Student Center at 80 Carolina.