Student Accounts Billing Worksheet

All students are required to complete a Student Billing Worksheet each semester or academic year. (Note: To preserve specific auto-calculations within the form, be sure to download the PDF and open using Reader or Acrobat. Viewing the form within your browser is not recommended.)

The worksheet is a tool students use to:

  • list tuition, fees, housing, and financial aid
  • calculate the balance due to CCA
  • set up a payment plan
  • calculate the anticipated refund owed to the student/parent

Completed billing worksheets, along with the appropriate payment, are due in the Student Accounts Office on either campus by July 15 for the fall term and November 1 for the spring term. In the event a payment due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due the following business day.

Billing Information

Students are responsible for the payment of deposits, tuition, and fees as well as for securing and tracking financial aid. Regardless of who is making the payments, it is the student's responsibility understand their payment due dates and deadlines and to make all payments on time.

It is the student’s responsibility to forward billing information to a parent or third party who is assisting them with their payments.

Students can access their on-line billing statement in real time using the student portal after logging into WebAdvisor.

Students are responsible to review their online billing statement each month and to understand their charges, credits, and balance on the account.

Please note the Student Accounts Office sends periodic electronic notices regarding payment deadlines or other important reminders to the student's email address. In addition, once a term at the end of the add/drop period, Student Accounts will send a paper billing statement to the student-provided billing address.

Failure to read or receive an email or mailed statement does not relieve students of their obligation to make timely payment.

For additional information, please read the Student Accounts Billing Guide & FAQ.

Delinquent Student Accounts

CCA is a private, nonprofit institution that relies on tuition revenue to operate. Consequently, it is essential for students to register and pay on time. A significant portion of CCA's operating budget is allocated to scholarships that assist students' financial needs.

CCA reserves the right to withhold issuing degrees, certificates, transcripts, grade reports, or statements of recommendation to or on behalf of any student whose financial account with the college remains unpaid (full or in part).

Students with delinquent financial accounts are subject to having all registration privileges revoked, and failure to pay tuition and other charges may result in a student's removal from his or her registered courses.

Students may be dropped from registered courses if they have an outstanding balance or if their financial aid application has not been completed prior to the aforementioned deadlines, or both.

Students must be current with their payments to register during the final registration or add/drop periods for either the fall or spring term.

A monthly $25 charge is applied to late payments or unpaid balances, or both. Students who have unpaid balances due to unsecured financial aid also incur a monthly $25 late fee.

Delinquent accounts may be referred to an outside collection agency. Students are liable for all costs and legal fees incurred in the collection process of delinquent accounts.