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In case of emergency:

Dial 9-1-1

If you have an an urgent medical situation and are unsure about your medical coverage, but you are well enough to make a phone call, please call your insurance company to find out your coverage information; otherwise you should go to the closest public hospital:

SF General (San Francisco)
Highland Hospital (Oakland)

Designate an Emergency Contact in WebAdvisor

You must complete CCA's Emergency Notification System form prior to orientation. This system tells us the best ways to contact you and tells us who we are authorized to contact in case of an emergency.

Once you have made your enrollment deposit, you can complete your emergency contact information via WebAdvisor.

Log into your WebAdvisor account and select Emergency Contacts in the User Account section.

Use the upper section to designate how you’d like to be contacted and to opt in to the notification system. Use the lower section to designate who the college should notify should you be involved in an emergency or crisis.

See also Campus Safety »

Student Health Insurance

Important Change to CCA Insurance-Waiving Process

Beginning fall 2013, CCA moved to an online insurance-waiver system. CCA no longer accepts paper waivers, and a student’s own health insurance must meet minimum coverage requirements to qualify for an approved waiver.

In addition to reducing paper waste, this system ensures all students have adequate health insurance coverage -- coverage that is minimally comparable to the CCA Kaiser Permanente Health insurance plan.

CCA is recommending that you take the time to evaluate your own insurance, compared to CCA’s Kaiser Permanente Health insurance plan.

Per CCA policy, all students who are registered at 12 or more units per semester (9 units per term for the Graduate Program in Visual and Critical Studies students, 9 units per term for the Graduate Program in Writing continuing students for the 2014-2015 academic year) are charged the insurance and are automatically enrolled in the CCA Kaiser Permanente Health insurance plan.

In order to waive the CCA Kaiser Permanente Health insurance, your personal insurance plan must meet the following minimum coverage requirements:

  • be owned, headquartered, and operated in the United States
  • provides emergency care within 50 miles of CCA
  • provides primary care services within 50 miles of CCA
  • has inpatient and outpatient mental-health benefits
  • offers unlimited prescription benefits
  • offers full coverage for all preexisting conditions

International Students

The insurance plan of all international students must also meet the additional criteria listed below in order to be waived:

  • covers repatriation of remains in the amount of $7,500 or greater
  • covers medical evacuation expenses of the international student to that student's home country in the amount of $10,000 or greater.

J-1 international students must also meet Department of State requirements in order to be waived. These additional criteria are listed below:

  • plan deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.
  • if a copy of your insurance policy is requested, you must be able to provide a copy written in English showing benefit amounts in U.S. dollars.

You have two useful sources of information to help you compare your own health insurance to CCA’s Kaiser Permanente health insurance plan.

First, you can refer to your insurance company’s Evidence of Coverage booklet. The booklet is provided by your insurance company and describes all of your benefits and the limitations of those benefits.

You may also visit your carrier's website, or contact a representative with the insurance agency if you cannot locate such a document.

Please read and pay close attention to all emails and notices pertaining to the online insurance waiver.

Please direct any questions you may have to Director of Access and Wellness Services Suzanne Raffeld at

New Students Who Elected CCA Health Insurance Coverage

Use your medical record number (MRN) to access Kaiser medical care. If you do not have your MRN, call Kaiser Member Services at 800.464.4000 and press option 4 to speak to Member Services in order to obtain your MRN. The automated system will ask you to enter your MRN or your social security number. CCA does not release your social to Kaiser, so please just wait on the line until you are automatically transferred to a live person. The live customer service rep may also ask for your social. Please tell them that you don't have it, but to please verify you by address and date of birth instead.

Once established, you can call to schedule an appointment using your medical record number.

Update your address in WebAdvisor to reflect your current local CCA address, and then email your current local address to Your Kaiser member ID card will only be mailed to your local address.

Contact Suzanne Raffeld at if Kaiser cannot locate you in their system.

Be sure to include the following information in your email:

Phone number
Email address
Date of birth
Student ID number
Are you an international student?
Total number of credits assigned to you for Fall 2014

CCA Now Offers Chiropractic Coverage!

Chiropractic benefits have been added to the college's Kaiser Permanente student health plan and are administered by American Specialty Health Plans of California (ASH Plans).

Students who seek chiropractic care are required to see a chiropractor who is registered within Kaiser Permanente's network of approved chiropractors -- those who are approved by ASH Plans.

Although a physician referral is not required, Kaiser reviews the chiropractor's notes to determine the medical necessity of your treatments.

Accessing Chiropractic Care

First identify a nearby chiropractor who is approved by ASH Plans. You may do so online by visiting or calling 1.800.678.9133 (1.877.710.2746 TTY) weekdays from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PT).

Next schedule an appointment with the chiropractic office nearest you. Pay the $15 copay at the time of your appointment. The independent chiropractor bills Kaiser directly for the full cost of services provided. (Note: You are charged a $15 copay for each visit, with 20 visits being the maximum number of permissible visits each calendar year.)

Download or print the Kaiser Permanente chiropractic benefit sheet.

Important Student Health Plan Facts

All registered full-time CCA students are automatically insured by the college's student health care plan.

See the schedule »

Students have the right to waive health care coverage by submitting an online waiver application. Please see the Waiver FAQ for more information.

Information for Graduates Who Wish to Continue Health Care Coverage

Students can go to and apply for the Kaiser Permanente Individuals & Families plan.

Students can also go to to apply for a health insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

See also health insurance options for graduates.