Located on the Oakland campus, CCA’s original residence hall, Irwin Hall has as much of a history as the Oakland campus itself.

The residence hall is located in the Rockridge District, a charming residential neighborhood. Nearby College Avenue is populated with a diverse range of restaurants, bookstores, cafés, and retail stores.

The Rockridge shopping center is adjacent to the college and offers a supermarket, a drugstore, restaurants, and other resources.

Irwin Hall is one of our first-year communities and houses 34 first-year students. It is composed of 17 double rooms arranged as suite-style living.


See rates for the current academic year posted on the main Residential Halls page.


  • a common lounge equipped with televisions, DVD players, couches, and tables
  • a kitchen which includes 2 stove tops, 2 ovens, and 2 microwaves
  • microwave/refrigerator units provided in each room.
  • high-speed internet jacks in each room
  • laundry facilities located across the street on the ground floor of Clifton Hall
  • 24/hr front desk operation located on the ground floor of Clifton Hall
  • mailboxes located on the ground floor of Clifton Hall


  • composed of students aged 17–19 years old
  • coed community by suite
  • shared baths by suite
  • located across the street from first-year studios
  • Safeway/CVS shopping plaza within .5 mile