The 2016-17 housing application opens for all students on April 15, 2016. The incoming student priority housing application deadline: May 15, 2016.  Note: Students who apply after the priority deadline will be considered for stand-by housing assignment.

How to Apply

  1. Log in to your Housing at CCA account using your CCA username and password (same as your CCA email).
  2. Select “Get Started” (the blue button next to the Housing Application title).
  3. Read the housing application carefully, filling in the application as necessary.
  4. Pay your $100 Application Fee online by credit card or E-Check.
  5. Review and Submit your application.
  6. Upon receipt of your application and fee, the Office of Residential Life will review your application and enter you into the housing-assignment process.

Choosing a Roommate

There are two ways to select a roommate; Roommate Matching and Profile Browsing.

Roommate Matching is when you know a person who you wish to be roommates with. You will need to share your Roommate Codes between members of your requested Roommate Group. Your Roommate Code can be seen on the top right corner of any screen in your Housing at CCA account. Roommate Groups may be comprised of up to four students.

Profile Browsing is for when you do not have a requested roommate in mind, but would like to have some autonomy in selecting a roommate for yourself. You can set search filters and message with or request potential roommates that you think will be a good fit based on their Roommate Matching Questionnaire answers. All profile browsing is anonymous, until a Roommate Invitation is sent.

To Request a Roommate:

  1. Go to the "Roommates" tab
  2. Choose the upcoming term in the "Choose a Term" drop-down
  3. Select either "Find someone you know" (Roommate matching) or "Search resident profiles" (Profile Browsing)
  4. Enter your roommate's Roommate Code, or search for a resident profile that meets your roommate expectations
  5. Select "Send Invitation" to initiate a Roommate Request
  6. When the person accepts your request, you will see them as part of your Roommate Group on the right side column of the Roommate Groups page.

Note: Roommate requests must be approved by all parties. All parties must have applied and be deposited before the appropriate priority application deadline in order to be accommodated. Roommate requests submitted after your priority application date cannot be guaranteed. Please review our page on Roommates for more tips on choosing a roommate.

Housing Assignment Process

If you've met the appropriate priority application deadline, you will be entered into the Self-Selection Lottery. You will receive more information to your CCA email account on how to participate, including the date and time that you will be able to begin selecting your room.

If you apply after the priority deadline, you will be entered into a subsequent selection or assignment process, subject to availability.

Once you are offered a housing assignment, you will need to submit a Housing License Agreement and $300 Refundable Damage and Cleaning Deposit online to accept your assignment.

General Housing Selection Information

After the close of the priority housing periods, if a student fails to apply for housing, the student may still apply for housing through the General Housing Selection process. General Housing Selection Period will be opened after the close of the priority periods to allow students to choose or be placed into any open bed spaces and General Housing selection/placement will take place on a first come, first serve basis.

The General Housing Selection Period will run from June 10th until all bed spaces are filled or June 30th (whichever comes first). Students utilizing this option will be emailed on or before July 10th about how to select their housing for Fall 2016. All housing selection is on a first come, first served basis. After July 1st, any student applying for housing will be placed on standby to see if any space is available for them to move into. Any student who is not successful in obtaining housing through the General Housing Selection process will be placed into the standby process and will be informed if anything becomes available for them during the months of July or August. If students find off campus housing during this time, the office of Residential Life will be happy to remove them from the standby list.